Audiometric Testing

We offer testing via hearing booth at our Jackson, Tennessee facility 8-5 Monday-Friday. We also offer on-site testing via portable audio equipment at your facility given you have a sound qualified space.

Some types of hearing loss are preventable and others are not. Certainly we should not have to lose our hearing as a result of our occupation. An occupational hearing conservation program, for the most part, is about noise because it is the most prevalent agent that causes hearing loss in the workplace. More than 18 million workers are exposed to harmful levels of noise. Noise is the only agent that has regulations to prevent it from causing hearing loss.

The OSHA Noise Standard requires that all workers exposed to an 85 dBA time-weighted average (TWA) be included in a hearing conservation program. Additionally, the Standard defines the components of an effective program listed below:

  • An assessment of noise
  • Annual audiometric tests of exposed worker
  • Maintenance of records
  • Noise abatement and/or administrative controls
  • Availability and enforcement of hearing protectors
  • Employee training and education

We have COHC certified staff available. Our machines are calibrated annually.